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The consumption of edible insects has been experiencing a huge boom lately and the number of people practicing entomophagy is growing at a meteoric pace!

If you are interested in taking advantage of this trend and offering a tasty, nutritious, and environmentally friendly alternative to the current diet, you are in the right place!

We understand that everyone is unique, which is why we offer the following forms of collaboration:


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Wholesale cooperation

Do you own an established e-shop or small brick-and-mortar store and would you like to expand your product range to include edible insect products? Contact us and get our products at wholesale prices!


Selling under private label - White label production

Are you interested in selling our insect specialties under your brand? We can produce the goods for you and, if necessary, arrange to package them according to your needs. Then it is up to you to sell the goods!


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Sales stands

A summer job or regular income? It's up to you! Whether you want to sell our products at Christmas markets, wine festivals, music, or food festivals, we offer you cooperation in the form of a franchise. The profit from the sales is then yours alone!



Do you want to spice up your dishes with something your customers will remember for a long time? Our loose crickets, worms, and grasshoppers are here for you. Whether you use them to decorate sweets or add them to pizza dough, it will be an exceptional culinary experience. There are no limits to your imagination, so go for it!




Teambuilding/Social events

Whether you are organizing a team-building or a children's camp, take advantage of our range of dried insects and provide your participants with an unforgettable experience!

For more information, please contact us on:




Maxmilian Novák

+420 604 265 753 




Vojtěch Kužela

+420 739 922 840



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